I offer the following services:

  • Structural (also called substantive and developmental) editing: revise, cut, expand, reorder, and sometimes write original material to fill in gaps
  • Stylistic editing: eliminate jargon, clichés, wordiness, and repetition; fit language to audience; restructure sentences and paragraphs to maintain flow while preserving tone, authorial voice, and level of formality
  • Copy editing: edit for spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation; check for consistency and continuity; sometimes develop a style sheet for the project

I have experience editing the following subjects, genres, and styles: literature, cultural studies, art history, nursing and philosophy, qualitative studies in a variety of social science disciplines, reports and technical writing, newsletters, and APA and MLA style.

Please contact me for a free quotation. I quote on package rates rather than by the hour, as every project is different. Please provide me with

  • Sample pages (5 pages minimum)
  • Length of document to be edited
  • Date required for completion
  • Type of editing required


I have supported many graduate students through to completion of their theses and dissertations. First, I meet with you to determine your goal and timeline. Coaching is flexible and tailored to your needs. Some clients like to talk frequently; others want only occasional check-ins. At your request, I can read parts of your work and give feedback. If you prefer, we simply talk about how the writing is going. My introductory hourly rate is $40.

Note: I am pleased to accept University of Victoria students as editing or coaching clients after July 1, 2021. Book your spot now!

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